Mirant Stella

  1. Mirant Stella - 2016 exhibition poster
  2. a celestial interlude and comet party

    X class comets are rogue heliospheric bodies of ice and cosmic dust whose path is unpredictable or unknown. Historically their drop-in visits have inspired both awe and panic. They also offer us a collective moment to look both inward and outward. Mirant Stella is a crowd-made construction of apocalyptic vision, a comet in the making and a reflection on the civilization we have built. Like an icy snowball it accumulates material from its visitors; a comet's life in reverse and a document of a far-flung future we haven't begun to imagine.

    Curated by Adam Carlin.
    Greensboro Project Space, Greensboro NC

  3. Chant Constellation

  4. Chant Constellation

  5. Chant Constellation

    Visitors are invited to engage via text message with a constellation of speakers where they describe their vision of a distant future. The messages are translated through a series of randomly chosen languages and vocalized back to them via an online translator. With each new iteration of the text the meaning changes; sometimes only slightly, often with the introduction of some new idea that reflects the cultural understanding inherently embedded in words and idiom.

  6. Chant Constellation

  7. Comet C-1811
  8. Mirant Stella

    Images scrolling the surface of the comet's tail here were compiled by querying Google image search using the translated responses from the Chant contellation.

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